Ask Anno Spirit


and I have no idea why

(( Uh oh. :1 Maybe hir eye piece has a virus? ))

Kind anon here. Have a blanket to either fan her awake or make her more comfortable.



(( Awwwww~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ))

Hovering over her won't help when she wakes up. Here, have a bucket of water!


That’s the LAST thing you do when someone is unconscious

(( Anon, 0 - Gumdrop, all the points. ))
(( Gumdrop wins by a landslide ))

Wait, you can't have foals out of wedlock! Quick get minnimonk to marry you and anno!
Oi Gummy! How's the little one? Also...have you told Anno yet? ;)



((This is a factual event. It is the real thing.))

(((( Anno is  such a lightweight lol ))))

Can you dance without eyes?


and my swag

((The amount of win this has is amazing :V))

((((P.S. now that chapter 2 of my comic is done, I’ll be drawing a bunch of other artwork, so be ready to have a hay day with Anno prints. :3))))

Gregory: *shocked* I never seen you smoke in my life!



Anno doesn’t like it tho




((Tis your choice An-mod. It is a shame you can no longer update, but if you feel that it is no longer fun to do this actively then you should stop doing it.))

It’s not that it’s no longer fun, I’ve always loved drawing Anno and answering questions.

The reason is only that I don’t have the time. and that fact makes me stress out, because I can’t offer the kind of commitment to the blog as I want to.

Lucky for everyone, you can still ask Anno questions through Gumdrops blog. ♥

So go ask her some questions! :V

- Anmod
(last mod post.
From now on if there is a post on this blog, it will be artwork related to Anno and/or Gumdrop. If by some strange event I am able to return to running the blog, I will. but I will not make any promises to weather or not I will be able to return, to answering questions for Anno.)


I am sorry to say that I no longer have the time I need to properly run this blog.

Many life event’s have made me realize the fact that having blogs that I just can’t update is causing me excessive amounts of mental stress. That’s the main reason I am no longer updating.

I will still be drawing Anno and Gumdrop artwork, as I absolutely love them both, but I just do not have the time to answer questions or draw responses.

This blog will stay open and I will post all of the Anno and gumdrop artwork I make and find. I am also hoping that Modmy and Gumdrop can take Anno in and continue the adorable love.

In the case that she is not able, I will be looking for someone to take over the blog. I do have certain expectations, so It won’t be “just anyone”.

Thank you,
- AnMod